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DiscoTests (also called Teasers) are K-12 assessments that foster productive conversations between learners and educators—discourse. They play a key role in virtuous cycles of instruction, practice, and feedback. We will deliver them free of charge to teachers and students everywhere, funding them through donations, grants, services, and our solely owned for-profit subsidiary, the Developmental Testing Service, LLC. What we learn from developing DiscoTests is published widely, by ourselves and other researchers.

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We employ the same methods used to create DiscoTests in the development of our adult assessments, which we call Lectical® Assessments. Every adult assessment targets a specific set of skills and concepts, such as those involved in managerial decison-making, ethical reasoning, mindfulness, and self-understanding. For example, the LDMA, our managerial decision-making assessment examines skills like decision-making process, contextual reasoning, and perspective taking and seeking.

Every assessment is accompanied by rich diagnostics and learning suggestions.

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A learning ruler

Our assessments are built around a strong theory of learning with a 100-year track record of producing profound insights into human development. At the core of this perspective is the notion that it is possible to identify and quantify a clear learning dimension. We've built on earlier attempts to capture this dimension, which Dr. Kurt Fischer called the Dynamic Skill Scale, by constructing a universal scoring system called the Lectical Assessment System (LAS) and an electronic version of that system called CLAS. LAS is the first true learning ruler.

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Selected funders

IES (US Department of Education)

The Spencer Foundation


Dr. Sharon Solloway

The Simpson Foundation

The Leopold Foundation

Donor list

Selected clients

Glastonbury School District, CT

The Ross School

Rainbow Community School

The Study School

Long Trail School

The US Naval Academy

The City of Edmonton, Alberta

The US Federal Government

Selected Advisory Board Members

Kurt Fischer, Ph.D. Harvard Graduate School of Education

Antonio Battro, MD, Ph.D., One Laptop Per Child

Marc Schwartz, Ph.D. and former high school teacher, University of Texas at Arlington

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Ed.D., University of Southern Califormia